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Kaimanawa Descent:

Can we take both e-bike and regular bikes?


What helicopter do we operate?

For the most part we have an AS350 helicopter but from time to time we also use an Hughes 500.

How long is the Kaimanawa Descent?

The Trail is 23km long from top to bottom.

What is the height difference from the top to the bottom?

800m, with 430m of climbing total.

How long is the helicopter flight for the ride?

Just under 10 minutes.

How does the Kaimanawa Descent heli bike work? 
For the Kaimanawa Descent ride you will arrive at our waipakahi base 30 -45 minute prior to your pre organised flight time. From there, we will sign you in and then fly yourself and your bike up to the Patutu tops (trail start). Once you are at the top you can then soak up the views and start riding the trail in your own time. The trail finishes back at our Waipakahi base where you flew from (And your car is parked).
How are our bikes transported?

All the bikes are either underslung in a purpose build bike cage, the cage is specially designed so no bikes are touching and are safe and secure. Or on our purpose built skid racks. Depending on weights. 

Tyre size limits?

Please note we cannot take fat boys tyres on our rack. The maximum width tyre we can take is 2.8 inches or 7.1cm

Is there an age limit for the Kaimanawa Descent?
No there is no age limit on riders however they have to capable of riding a grade 3 trail. We do not recommend using bumper seats for small children on the ride.
How many riders can go at one time?
Our helicopter can take up to five passengers and bike in one trip depending on weight. However, if there are groups large than five we will do multiple trips to get the entire group to the top. We can do up to 20 riders in a single run time and up to 80 riders per day. 
What do i do while waiting for the rest of my group?

We have a shelter at the top of the ride where you can relax, enjoy the views and wait for the rest of your group, there are also information boards about the history and geology of the area to keep you entertained while you wait.

How long will the ride take?

The Kaimanawa Descent takes between 3 – 4 hours depending on how fast you ride and how often you want to stop and soak up the views.

How difficult is the trail?

The trail is a grade 3 ride. The track is a digger build 3 foot bench trail, there are short sections which are a little steeper, all secured with safety railing. The short sections that may be a little tricky are sign posted, if you feel uncomfortable riding you can happily push your bike along these parts (They only make up about 5% of the ride). 

What happens if the weather is not suitable for my ride?

We will contact you 2 – 3 days prior to your ride if the weather is not looking suitable. If you cannot ride on your chosen day due to the weather we will postpone the ride to another suitable day. If the ride cannot be postponed we will refund the entire amount. 

Do i get the helicopter to myself?

Not unless your party fills the helicopter. You are paying for a seat in the helicopter, if there are other clients riding the Kaimanawa Descent that day they may join you.

What if an accident occurs while riding the trail?

Stationed every 2.5km along the track are trail distance markers. Each marker has a box on the back with a PLB and other first aid and bike repair equipment. If the accident is major you must use the PLB, for minor incidents other party members can ride back to base and we can then fly up to assist. Any extra flights will be at the cost of the rider.

Can i ride off the trial (Free ride lines)?

There are many locations where you will be able to ride off the trail and rejoin it. However this is done at your own risk. Any accidents or incidents that occur of trail will be at the expense of the rider.

Is there cellphone service on the ride?

Yes there is cell phone service in patches along the ride. Each party will be given a safety card, displaying the locations where you can get service. The card will also tell you what to do in an emergency.

Scenic Flights:

Where do the scenic flights depart from?

The scenic flights depart and return from our Waipakahi Road Base.

How long before my flight do i need to be at your base?
30-45 minutes prior to your pre arranged flight time, to ensure we can get sign in completed prior to flying.
Do i get the helicopter to myself?

Not unless your party fills the helicopter. You are paying for a seat in the helicopter, if there are other clients flying on that day, doing the same adventure they may join you.

Can i take photos and videos on the flight?

Yes you are free to use your own cameras whilst on the flight.


Is there accomodation at your base?

No there is no accommodation at our base. We have a glamping tent under construction however this is in a remote location. 

Where is the closest accommodation?

The closest accommodation is in either Turangi a 20 minute drive from us or in Ohakune a 45 minute drive for base. For the best accommodation options in Turangi please follow the below link


Remote Glamping:

When is the glamping tent open?

We aim to have the Glamping tent open early next year.

How many people can stay at the glamping tent?

There are 2 bedrooms with king beds, the tent can sleep 4 people max

Is there an ages limit for guests?

Yes no children under 14 are permitted to stay.

Is there power in the tent?

Yes there is power for lights and a fridge, there are also 12V charging ports for devices.

Is there cell phone service?

No our tent is in a remote wilderness location with out cell service, a great chance for you to unwind and take a break from the outside world.

Does the tent have running water?

Yes the tent is equipped with hot and cold running water, shower and composting toilet.

Is the water at the tent safe to drink?

Yes the water is source from the pristine Waipakahi Stream and is safe for human consumption. 



Are there other trails we can ride at Kaimanawa Alpine Adventures?

No not at this stage, we intend to build more trails in the coming future. However, the Kaimanawa Descent is the only trail we offer currently.

Are there other rides we can do in the area after riding the Kaimanawa Descent?

Yes the are a multiple of trails in the region in both the Turangi, National Park and Taupo Regions


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